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Worst LFZ Posts

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2003 3:29 pm
by HornMafia
Sometimes it is hard to cut through all the crap at LFZ and find the really bad posts. So let's post our favorite bad ones here and all chuckle at how stupid some people actually are.

This was posted by Sportzcaster, who apparently doesn't like Hispanics:

The Link

The Rangers haven't signed a player with and American name since NR. Who gives a flying shit about 45 Dominican Rep. with rifle arms in a God #$%@ raft?!
Thier are 18 million people in Tx, and 200+ million in the mean to tell me thier isn't five American kids who are better than Fernando Tatis? Reuben who?

I am just sick and tired of this rush of non-english speaking baseball players. I want to root for a guy from my city, or state, or even country. If im wrong for that than send me to jail or sue me for being derogatory, I don't give a shit!

It's like after Sept. 11th, when MLB had to get 'real' birth certificates for all it's players. How many 'american's' were found to have lied about their age? How about how many Cubans, or D.R.'s, or Puerto Ricans were found to have lied about their age? Plenty! It shows you they will lie, cheat and steal to rub a younger Am. kid out of a position. Shady!

Gonzales, Rodriguez, Cabrera, Martinez, Hernandez is this a police lineup? No it 75% of MLB's starting lineups!
The sad thing is that the Rangers are my second fav. team. Behind the 'Stros, of course. Oh well, at least we have Ozwalt, Berkman, and Robertson.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2003 3:33 pm
by OKC Longhorn
Yeah, that post pissed me off. That is one sorry MF! :mad: :mad:

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2003 8:52 pm
by PrideMtnSooner
That board is getting harder and harder to tolerate. That post is so incredibly stupid.

Man, Sportzcaster and McFarland would make for some fun drinkin' buddies huh. :roll:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2003 10:50 am
by OKC Longhorn
My favorite post from KC Horn:

Michigan has The Big House, Flordia has The Swamp, LSU has Death Valley but DKR needs a good nickname that gets into Aggie heads and has a Texas/Spanish twist to it. Most importantly we have to start using the term from here on out! How about The Cactus Coffin? The Orange Noose? The Branding Iron? Serial Killer Hideout? Barbed Wire Field? The Gutting Table? I like Cactus Coffin baby!

:roll: :roll: :roll:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2003 1:53 pm
by 12ozLongneck
Holy shit. Some of the jackasses that are taking over that board make me embarrassed to hold a degree from UT sometimes.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2003 2:56 pm
by PrideMtnSooner
HM, someone needs to send you to Syracuse for a week or two. :roll:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2003 7:20 pm
by HornMafia

I know, right? Sometimes humor is lost on stupid people...

PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2003 9:33 pm
by OKC Longhorn
Another gem from KC Horn:

"Pride, I'm down with giving the D an appealing name, earned or unearned, I don't care. This ones just not appropriate. Look at this term we're using right now "shock and awe", no ones earned it or no one has deserved it to be used on them yet, it's a freaking motto made up on the fly. Why can't DKR be given a likewise term? Mafia is doing the SAME thing I'm proposing: come up with a name and run with it! Props to Mafia!"

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2003 10:59 am
by HornMafia
From SpaceCityHorn:

Damn, I use to run a 4.6 40 back in my college days. How does Simms run a 4.8?

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2003 6:04 pm
by Makaveli
We should have a "town hall meeting" to discuss this.

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2003 6:22 pm
by OKC Longhorn
Makaveli wins!

PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2003 4:27 pm
by HornMafia
From my stalker McFarland:

Not to rag on you too much, but on LonghornBob's "Why doesn't Israel..." thread, KCHorn had several points of VALID discussion. You had one post, and I wouldn't call it VALID discussion. He was ADDING to the discussion, and you were attempting to DETRACT from the discussion. Unless you were joking (I got no indication of which), you were attempting to degrade KCHorn.

How did the board react? KCHorn and most of the others simply ignored your comment and moved on. If they reacted to it, then the thread would likely have turned trashy. Fortunately, it didn't.

Mr. Peabody has a valid point with thick skin. It's needed. However, it doesn't necessarily stop a thread from turning trashy. Sometimes, people find it hard to ignore comments like the one you made over there. I'm glad KCHorn and the others took the high road, because if they went to your level, the thread would probably have been a waste.

Most of us probably remember the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." "Nice" is not the appropriate thing to try to achieve for this board (although some of us should lean more in that direction [hint, hint]), but I would like our motto to be: "If you don't have anything of value to say, than don't say anything at all," especially if it will tend to distract from the conversation.

I know you remember that I once made a flippant rape comment about an aggie mom. It was funny to some, but not to others. It was a mistake because of that. The thread turned south because two posters were legitimately put off by it. I learned from that mistake.

How about you?

I judge by your "obession" comment that I got you defensive. That's understandable, but that wasn't my intention.

Over the flurry of stuff happening around here since yesterday, about personally attacking posters, you name has "politely" come up by other poster(s), one of which who doesn't care to post here much because of some of the "regulars" who constantly rag on other posters.

On the Israel thread, you can rightfully argue about whether KCHorn was out of line or not, as Makaveli does above. However, he was trying to make a point, and was in the minority. If fact, he was by himself at the time. Every single poster disagreed with him, and then you came on and stated what you did. It looked like the "herd" effect of simply trying to run another poster into the ground, when everyone else at that point had disagreed with him. You didn't even mention that you disagreed with his points, did you?

My main question to you is: What was the value of your post?

Makaveli argues that your post was obviously a joke. Mak, was the comment funny? (With a joke, usually at least SOMEONE finds it funny). If HornMafia and KCHorn were close friends, then I'll admit that the comment was not an attempt to degrade another poster. ARE you close friends?

Getting back to your obsession comment, NO, I don't like to rag on you. Like the other posters, I ignored your comment in the other thread. However, seeing your comment above about LFZ survivor, and being the in the context of this thread topic, I chose to comment on your possible further degrading of KCHorn (again, I may be wrong, because you and KCHorn may be close friends). Between you and KCHorn, I don't know what would happen if we put a vote to the board, but if I were judging simply based on yours and KCHorn's comments on this thread and the Israel thread, my vote for exclusion would NOT go in your favor. As I said, he was attempting valid discussion. HE was adding value to the discussion. YOU, were not!

Having said that, I'm NOT in favor of trying to ban you, or trying to degrade you. I simply would like to see less personal bashing from you, and less obnoxious comments (such as in the Israel thread).

Mr. Peabody,
To see the relevancy of what was going on in the other thread, you only have to examine the first few posts, until HornMafia arrives. He only made one post.

I'm not trying to make excuses for KCHorn. You probably know some prior baggage with him, that may have been under the surface in that thread. Not knowing KCHorn myself, I'm not aware of that potential baggage. I noticed the "Peabrain" comment in the thread. Personally I glossed over it, having the feeling that (knowing you) the comment would likely get laughed at. However, I don't defend it in anyway. My only input in this thread is related to both comments made by HornMafia about KCHorn (both above, as well as in the other Israel thread).

YOU? Absolutely! YOUR discussion is always valid and/or light hearted. I can see why Bob made you part of his staff. Personally, in addition to your credibility, I like the diversity you bring to this board. I'm glad you find this place to be home. I hope you're with us for a long time.

HornMafia, believe it or not, I have the same hopes for you, too!

PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2003 8:11 pm
by Mr. Peabody
Not one of the worst posts but one of the funniest that I have seen lately.

If Simon had a breathalizer on his computer everything would be fine. ;)

by..... TouchDownTexas

PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2003 12:31 am
by OKC Longhorn
quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack
Go Ducks!
and oh yeah, HOW BOUT THEM DEVILS!

PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2003 6:47 pm
by PrideMtnSooner
HM's IQ post on the Carl Everett (sp?) thread was pretty damn good. I don't often laugh out loud when reading the internet anymore.

PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2003 6:59 pm
by HornMafia
That bash on Everett was just dumb. By someone who obviously probably doesn't like Everett's skin color.

PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2003 11:10 pm
by El Aitch Bee
I'm gonna say my "don't panic if a bad story about an arrest comes out tomorrow" post didn't really pan out either.

That's got to be in my worst 10 of all time.


PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2003 1:31 pm
by pmfolm
Yeah, that post didn't come off that great...but it made my day at work entertaining. :D

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 7:14 am
by Drew Corleone
how about this gem from KC Horn, re: Haywood's death:

This is not good news at all. The Cowboys continue to have this bad karma year in and year out, due to self inflicted behavior and plain natural events. Losing a Cowboy under any circumstances is not good.

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 5:33 pm
by Makaveli

Something just hit me re: KCHorn

I always thought that KCHornlover was like some lover of the horns from KC. But I just realized that it might mean lover of KCHorn. If so, how does that happen

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 8:55 pm
by HornMafia
It is indeed lover of KC Horn.

Perhaps he wooed her with his smooth talking ways.

PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2003 8:04 pm
by El Aitch Bee
Man I'm slow. How could I not catch that, even after I met them in Manhattan, Kansas? #-o

I always thought she was a KC Horn lover, not KCHorn lover. Oh well...


PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2003 8:58 pm
by 12ozLongneck
I always thought she was a KC Horn lover, not KCHorn lover. Oh well...

The first one is so much more easer to believe than the second one.

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2003 8:18 pm
by Mr. Peabody
HornMafia's had some difficulty on this board because of his personal attacks on other posters. He has been talked to a couple of times about this. When challenged, he usually comes forward with "LonghornBob is my close friend". One poster accused him of running to "the man" after saying this, yet he still continues to "run to the man" when challenged, kind of like a little child who knows he's wrong, but retorts "my dad will beat you up!" HornMafia is like the little child.


I've seen improvement from you. Since you've been talked to, your foul language has dropped considerably. I, and other posters, appreciate that. I'd still like you to show a bit more respect to your fellow posters. What do you say?

McFarland (the alleged rapist!)

I just saw this one. Greatness. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

HM is it really true? Have you been running to the man.

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2003 8:41 pm
by HornMafia
Yeah. Wheeler protects me from everyone. :roll:

How do you go about getting a restraining order? McFarland would probably think it would be funny if he broke into my house and raped me.