Name your Mighty Ducks dream team...

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Name your Mighty Ducks dream team...

Postby eochs on Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:38 pm

I may have to get the latest NHL Xbox 360 game just so i can create my team...

Please note that I did not include any non-Duck players in this list... If you include the other teams (Hawks, Iceland, Eden Hall Varsity) it would vastly change this roster...

Head Coach - Ted Orion (formerly of Eden Hall Academy)
Assistant Coach - Gordon Bombay (Bombay would be the obvious choice for the head coach, but I feel like Coach Orion has more to teach the kids)
Bench Coach and Team Captain - Charlie Conway (No way that whiny bitch gets on the ice)

Goalie - Julie "The Cat" Gaffney
Backup Goalie - Greg Goldberg

Offense Line 1
Adam Banks (best overall player)
Dwayne Robertson (best puck handling skills)
Luis Mendoza (pure speed on the wing, learned later on how to stop)

Offense Line 2
Jesse Hall
Guy Germaine ***While I feel that Guy Germaine is a first line player, I cannot bear to break up the "Oreo Line"
Terry Hall

Offense Line 3
Lester Averman
Ken Wu
Connie Moreau

Defense Line 1
Dean Portman
Russ Tyler (The Knuckle Puck)

Defense Line 2
Greg Goldberg
Dave Karp

Additional bench players:
Fulton Reed (D) (Used only in special situations for his snapshot, not a good enough skater to play 60 minutes)
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Re: Name your Mighty Ducks dream team...

Postby AtlLonghorn on Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:19 pm

Not sure how you can say Fulton is only used in special situations for his slap shot, when he has better conditioning, is more physical and gels better with Portman than Russ does. Russ is the ultimate specialty situation player. The only downside to the Bash Brothers defense is they are prone to get penalties.

I appreciate your love for the oreo line, but I'm not sure if there's enough scoring coming from your first line. I think you need a player more versatile than Luis on the front line because Dwayne has A+ puck handling skills the rest of his game leaves something to be desired. Your only consistent offense is coming from Banks in that case. I think you have to bring Jesse Hall up to your first line. I agree that Guy Germaine is a front line player, but so is Banks and I like his versatility on that second line. If Sidney Crosby can come off the bench in favor of Geno Malkin, then Guy Germaine can come off the bench in favor of Adam Banks.
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