Lost - 2/9

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Lost - 2/9

Postby 12ozLongneck on Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:22 pm

Much better than last week.

--I forgot that Ethan was Horace's kid.

--What the hell is being "claimed"? I thought we were done with new questions.

--Why did Kate perk up when Claire said something about Aaron at the hospital? I guess Kate is somehow going to manage to swipe him in the new timeline.
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Re: Lost - 2/9

Postby U2-Horn on Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:26 pm

read this on avsforum:

So it looks like my theory from before was possibly correct, or at worst close to correct. Here is what it was...

Given that both Jacob and MIB can seemingly control people and have followers that will do as they say, yet neither has had those followers kill the other, I'm guessing that they can't make or order someone to kill the other either.

Jacob made it very clear that Ben had a choice of whether or not to kill him. I think that's part of it. Remember when Jacob's follower shot MIB? The bullet didn't hurt him. I think that in order to kill MIB or Jacob you have to be doing it of your own free will.

Taking the body of Locke comes into play in that it was used to sway Ben into WANTING to kill Jacob, without him actually having to order him to do it. The problem with Christian's body (the only other dead body on the island) is that the only person that would trust it is Jack, and he both knew his father was dead and spent the majority of the show as someone grounded in science, not faith. Simply put, he wouldn't be able to trick Jack using Christian.

Ben, on the other hand, could be tricked into believing that fake Locke really was Locke brought back to life by the island, because he believes in the power of the island.
My only addendum to this might be that it's not just about people following Jacob/MIB, but rather people claimed by MIB/Jacob (am I the only one who thinks all the temple others died on the island and were "claimed" by Jacob in the same way MIB "claimed" Locke?

Obviously the temple others think Sayid is claimed by MIB, and want to kill him. But Jack has to give him the pill because they can't do it, per the rules.

However, I'm still inclined to lean towards the original theory of "followers" of MIB/Jacob and not necessarily just people "claimed" by them, since it seems that if them being claimed were the only prerequisite that they could have just told Jack the truth about MIB/Sayid and then Jack would have done it.

"Of their own free will" seems to definitely be the key for killing Jacob/MIB.

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